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The pretext we offer you on a plate will allow you to finish that piece of bread or… glass of wine. Even if cheese has been put on your list of banned substances! Because that is what makes Prétexte so special: a 100% plant product that you can spread and cook to your heart’s content! A Prétexte that is lactose-free and gluten-free yet flavour-full. Many of the ‘big cheeses’ in the food industry and renowned chefs have already melted in front of these unique textures and flavours. So why not you?

And before those with bad experiences of « fake cheese » come at us with their cheese knife, don’t worry… At Prétexte, we understood a long time ago that creating a lookalike cheese was just a little bit, well, cheesy…
Our products  may be inspired by the craft cheesemakers but they have a character, a texture and a taste all of their own. Because, as we like to say with our own brand of Belgian humour, this is not a cheese.

Our products

Discover our 100% plant-based and 100% organic products. We will be constantly adding to this list so that you too can let loose during those « no cheese and wine » evenings.